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LIUNA Local 563 members are skilled Construction Craft Laborers who have learned core construction skills in major industry segments; including highway construction, environmental remediation, and building construction. Members often have specialty skills in pipeline, tunneling, asphalt, concrete, lead and asbestos abatement, radiation remediation, and even foreman training. LIUNA members perform complex and physically demanding tasks that require critical thinking and technical skills. 

Members start off as apprentices and receive instruction in the skills of the trade, safety awareness and prevention. To complete most Construction Craft Laborer apprenticeship programs, an apprentice must have 4,000 hours of on-the-job training. In addition, he or she must attend a minimum of 144 hours of classroom instruction, in core courses and electives in each year of the apprenticeship period.

Most apprentices graduate from their programs in approximately two years. Core courses include: Blueprint Reading, Craft Orientation, First Aid/CPR, General Construction, Hazard Communication, OSHA Construction Safety and Health. Depending on the work in their geographic jurisdiction, apprentices may choose from the following elective courses in Asbestos Abatement, Asphalt, Concrete, Foreman Preparedness, Hazardous Waste Worker.

Local 563 members work across Minnesota and North Dakota in the following industries.

- Commercial building

- School building

- Energy

- Environmental

- Health Care

- Transportation

- Water infrastructure