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Wage Rates

LIUNA Local 563 members work under collective bargaining agreements that provide for good, family-supporting wages and a vacation fund that supplies extra cash when you need it most. Local 563 building and highway/heavy laborers typically earn anywhere from $34-$43 per hour in the Twin Cities metro area to $25-$36 per hour in Western Minnesota. Vacation fund contributions range from $2.65 to $3.00 per hour, which can add up to thousands of dollars to help with year-end expenses or emergencies.

See the rate sheets below for detailed information on current collectively bargained wage and benefit contribution rates.

Building Agreements
Highway-Heavy Agreements
National Pipeline Agreement
Other Agreements

Local 563 members should contact Zenith American Solutions at 651-256-1800 for questions regarding their Vacation Fund balance, Pension status, Health & Welfare benefits or claim status.

Employers should contact: Zenith American Solutions, (651) 256-1800,

IMPORTANT NOTE: Minnesota and North Dakota Laborers Vacation Fund benefits are not "vacation pay" and should not be claimed as such when applying for Minnesota Unemployment benefits.